About Razor & Tie Media

Any full-service media-buying agency worth its salt will tell you to expect high returns from its DRTV media campaigns. While that’s all well and good, it isn’t much to go on, is it? To fully trust in your media-buying agency, a client needs to be able to reasonably expect highly-effective, far-reaching advertising campaigns that truly deliver, without needless hype and dubious claims.

With two highly-trafficked e-commerce websites, MusicSpace.com and KIDZBOPShop.com, we are available to prominently display, market & promote and sell your product.

With Razor & Tie Media, you have flexibility and options with regard to the placement and promotion of your product on the proper medium, and the back-end solutions to fulfill products, provide customer service and please your customers.

Our Philosophy

As one of the largest direct response media buying agencies in the country, we don’t just want results – we demand results.

We produce measurable, provable, genuine results that help our clients build their brand, promote their products and boost revenue. We manage your media campaigns as if they were our own in house projects. We develop, implement and manage completely-customizable media plans through DRTV advertising, general media buys and hybrid media campaigns.

In order to meet the various needs and budgeting concerns of each of our clients, we maintain a consistently high level of constant communication. It is only by working closely alongside our clients that Razor & Tie Media has earned its revered industry reputation and preferential status.

Razor & Tie Media is careful to wield our marketplace clout with an eye towards increasing opportunities for our clients, and thus, ensuring that their success is our success.